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So Let's All Get A Little Crazy.

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I need YOUR Foodiee ADVICE <3 

I need help with my cravings for pizza and salty foods.  Being a nurse I know that “water goes where the salt goes” (thanks prof. witman) and that the more salty foods i eat, water will just follow right along.  

I have trying to find alternatives to my favorite cravings.

Cheeseburgers—-> Morningstar veggie burgers 
Scrambled eggs—-> egg whites (obviII)
Cheese Pizza just for me :) —->  homemade pizzas with healthy toppings.

I need some more creative ideas to keep me going.  Food is like my alter ego—- it supplies me with my mood cravings which I cannot stand.  Its my vice :( comfort and healing love.

If anyone reads this…reblog and help me find more creative foods that you have tried to curve your cravings…i need my fitblr loves to help me keep goinggggg…I’m honestly slowly going downhill :( :( :(

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